Tan Up!!

So, the month of July- the most awesome month EVAH- got off to a fantastic start. This month’s travels started with a trip to one of the most beautiful and awesome places I know- Mi Yard! If you don’t know, you have to go (to find out). So why did I choose Mi Yard as the destination to kick-off the best month celebration? Have you been? Have you ever experienced the culture, the people, the music and, oh yes, the food? Well, all that aside, I chose this wonderful place because I couldn’t think of a better place where I wanted to spend my milestone birthday. And no, I shall not share neither the date of my birthday nor my age for various reasons. But, I spent seven (7) glorious days enjoying the lovely island sun, the wonderfully peaceful and soothing ocean, and the gentle breeze. It doesn’t hurt when you spend time partaking of the fresh seafood, tantalizingly fresh fruit (papaya, mango, and pineapple), and of course taking in some of the sinfully delicious, thirst quenching, refreshing beverages.

The first few days of the trip were spent catching up on some much needed rest. So, my days typically consisted of an early morning power walk, followed by breakfast– oh, t.v. timeout. I really need to highlight the fact that I was spoiled, so spoiled at breakfast. Every morning I was treated to a custom blended smoothie. My smoothie typically consisted of papaya, mango, cantaloupe, banana, and strawberry juice. Umm umm, good. Okay—t.v. time in.

After breakfast, it was time to shower, change into the beachwear, grab a towel and hit the pool or beach. The pool was usually filled with other happy vacationers enjoying the libations, playing volleyball (or keep alive), enjoying their companions, and just socializing. When I opted for the beach, I crawled into a hammock and just enjoyed my time listening to the ocean and doing absolutely nothing. There was the quick trip to the beach grill to grab some fresh grilled fish and chips and some very cool water. Yes, I consumed LOTS of water. After lunch, I would return to the pool or to my fav lounging spot and enjoy some more time doing absolutely nothing. When I soaked up my fair share of sun for the day, it was time to return to my temporary living quarters and prepare for dinner.

For dinner, I would alternate between dining at the resort’s Italian restaurant, the hibachi restaurant or the main dining hall. Again, umm umm good. Following dinner, I generally turned in early for the night. Yes, it is boring, but I was really taking advantage of the fact that I could get some rest. I am not much of a party person at home, so this was not a major departure from my normal way of life. At least from the non-partying perspective.

On the day of my birthday, I got up and took a gratitude walk. Giving thanks to God for allowing me to see one more year and having the opportunity to experience my special day in paradise. I had breakfast and returned to my room afterwards to change for the pool. The day prior one of my friends told me that he was going to cook something special for my birthday. When I reached the beach, my friend was one of the first people to give me a birthday greeting and to show me what he prepared—grilled red tailed snapper with onions and peppers. Coupled with two fresh mangoes from his trip. How awesome was that. Talk about good eating… and it was prepared with love. For that I am truly appreciative.

Later in the day, I went sailing with my friend who presented me with a lovely local bracelet for my birthday. So unexpected, yet so appreciated. I was truly feeling blessed and appreciated. It is the little things in life that mean the most. When I ventured off premise to the local craft market to visit with my friend Charlie, I was again surprised with some beautiful gifts. He presented me with two beautiful bracelets and a bamboo shot glass. How awesome was that?  That evening I dined at the hibachi restaurant and enjoyed fresh fish, miso soup, and shrimp.  Although I was nursing my drink of choice, I later found out that instructions were passed to the bartenders and service staff to cut me off after 7:30 and give me alcohol only.  I only entertained two small drinks and that was more than enough to make me sleepy and a bit buzzed.  So, needless to say, I returned to guzzling water.  The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the night time show, kicking up my heels in the disco, and enjoying the heated pool until o’dark thirty in the morning.

The last few days of the trip were spent visiting some of the local merchants and supporting the economy, playing some of the games at the resort where you could win “hedo bucks”, participating in the dance contest, and trying to stay out of trouble. I met some really kewl people during my visit, was well taken care of by the staff (Ms. Lorna (a true blessing), AJ (my likkle fren and sailing buddy), Denva (most awesome restaurant manager), and Delroy (one of the most awesome people to date). It was so difficult to leave at the end of my trip that I cried from the time the car came to carry me to the airport until the time I boarded the plane. I had to look like a complete fool, but when you love something, somewhere or someone so much, it really changes your life.

I know that I will have an opportunity to return and I look forward to that day, but it so hard to leave paradise and return to reality. But, until my feet step foot on mi yard again, I will cherish the memories, the friendships, the love and the wonderful birthday experience and gifts.


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