You are almost ready to set and depart

This is part two the series in getting you set for your trip and preparing you for what you can expect when you arrive at your destination.  Part three of this series will be posted in two weeks, so sit back and enjoy the tips.

Your inner germophobe had to come along

  • Okay, so if yo are one of those people who can’t stand touching door knobs, sitting on public chairs, or touching other surfaces, don’t forget your hand sanitizer and beach towel.  This should keep your OCD self at bay for a while.

Prepare for wares that you will bring from abroad

  • In addition to the bubble wrap and the tape that I mentioned previously, it would be wise to bring a shoebox or something to protect your bottles and other fragile items.

Save some space for me

  • So you don’t want to pay for baggage, or you want to squish as much as possible in that suitcase and have some room to spare, invest in the space bags.  The really work well at compressing clothing so that you have extra room in that regulation sized carry on.  But, make sure that you get the ones which do not require the use of a vacuum as one may not be available for your return trip home.

Sign language is a beautiful language, but it is not universal

  • So you think the two finger peace sign is well-known and accepted by everyone, think twice.  Before you raise a hand or a finger, check with a local to make sure you are not offending anyone.


  • I am not advocating that you go on a major shopping spree, but I am advising that you charge all of your electronic devices and take your chargers with you.  If you are taking your electronic devices, make sure you know whether or not you will need a converter to adapt to the local electrical voltage if you are traveling abroad.

Count the costs

  • Think twice before you whip out that credit card.  That nice designer purse that you purchased for $500 may appear as a charge for $515 or more on your next credit statement thanks to the foreign transaction fee.  Additionally, there are some countries where you will actually be levied a surcharge if you pay for your purchases in the local currency.  So, just be aware of all of the financial ins and outs before you go.

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