Beach Ready

Although summer time is the most popular period for many people to hit the waves and laze in the sun.  So as summer fades into fall and the kids are going back to school, families will flock to the local beach (and perhaps some caribbean destinations) to get that last bit of sun.  No matter when you hit the beach, you must put your best sandal forward.  So, I am here to just provide a few tips based upon my experience.

Nice hands and Feet Go a Long Way

  • I was never one who liked to show my feet.  In fact, I didn’t start wearing sandals until about five years ago (and I actually lived in Florida for a period of time).  But, I have come to realize that no matter how jangy you think your feet look or how mannish your hands may be (in your opinion) a nice mani and pedi can go a long way.  Not only is it a cheap way to accessories your wardrobe, but it also makes you feel good when you are looking extra hot!  And since you are headed to the beach, just turn it up a nice and rock a nice exotic color- get out of your normal hum drum, back home in the office colors.

Watch out for the rocks!

  • And I don’t mean the ones that are falling; the rocks on some beaches.  Now that you have that great pedi, you must protect it as well as your precious tootsies.  Although a lot of the pink and white sand beaches are pristine, well maintained and do not pose hazards to your feet.  Invest in a pair of water shoes if you are planning to play or do a lot of walking on the beach.

Wax On, Wax Off

  • This was not only a classic line from the Karate Kid, but is also a VERY good tip for women who are wearing swimwear (and men who are bold enough to rock a speedo).  Now although you can determine your hair removal method, I am referencing the wax method here because it tends to last longer than other methods and does not contribute to ingrown hairs when done properly.  However, there are a few things that you must be mindful of when getting a waxing.  1. Have your waxing done a few days to at least one week prior to your vacation; 2. Do not exercise or expose your newly sculpted self to direct sun; 3. if your skin is sensitive, use a moisturizing agent or other skincare solution; and 4. wear loose fitting clothing after your waxing.


Protection is the Key

  • Okay, please clear your minds.  I am referring to protection from the sun (although the other type of protection is important as well… but, that is for another day).  However, make sure that you have sunglasses to protect your eyes (after all, you would love to be able to see all fo those great pics you will take during your journey).  Use a lip balm or lip gloss to protect your lips from the drying conditions and to keep them moisturized.  3. Use a hat to protect your hair not only from the bleaching effects of the sun and also from the contributors to melanomas.  Besides, hats keep your head cool.