Feeling a little sick – Don’t go out of the country

So today’s post is inspired by my current condition— Yes, I am in sick bay.  So, on one of my trips to Jamaica I saw the evidence of what can happen when a sick person travels to a foreign country.  Apparently the individual was getting over some really nasty bug recently and proceeded to the customs and immigration control desk.  The customs official began to ask him some questions and that is when he made the fateful mistake.  The game of monopoly was on.  He was not thrown in the clinker, but he was made to STOP and could not pass go.  So, what happens in this situation?  Well, unless you can convince the immigration officer that you are not an extra from the movie “Contagion” and do not pose any life threatening disease that will decimate their entire population, you will probably experience the fastest round trip of your life.  As such, you (or your company, if you are traveling for business) will have squandered money on a trip that was not meant to be.  So, what do you do in this case.  Well, the smart (and responsible) thing to do would be to stay home until everything was out of your system.  As a person who travels on a budget, I would do this to save money and also spare my fellow passengers from any lingering germs.  Yes, getting sick is natural and sometimes inevitable, but precautions can be taken to ensure that you are healthy enough to travel.  So, stock up on your muscinex, kleenex, vitamin C, cough syrup and orange juice, get plenty of rest and listen to your body.