Get rewarded for traveling

If you are like me and love to travel, but do so at your own expense, why don’t you reward yourself for doing so?  Yes, I said reward yourself.  How you say?  Well let me just give you a few of the suggestions that what worked for me.

  1. If you are fiscally responsible and have a credit card that will provide you with airline miles, hotel points or other points that you can use for travel.  Consider making this your primary card for your everyday expenses.  But, if you are one who infrequently uses a credit card, I would not recommend one that charges an annual fee or has a really high interest rate.
  2. Use EBATES when shopping online, especially if you shop online a lot.  Ebates pays you for shopping online.  You can get anywhere from 3% – 20% of your money back on purchases.  That savings can be put back into your vacation fund.  Additionally, you can double dip by using ebates and your rewards credit card for your purchases.  This helps you get to your traveling adventures sooner than previously imagined.
  3. Search for discount codes.  You can always do an internet search for “discount code for XYZ”, or search sites such as coupon cabin, retailmentnot, and others to find additional savings for your vacation.
  4. Use plugins.  There are browser plugins such as invisiblehand which will alert you when a lower price has been found on a particular item, accessory, or travel related component.  Moreover, This tool will also alert you if a coupon code or additional discount is available for the item for which you are searching.
  5. Let Groupon, LivingSocial and other sites be your friend.  It is free to sign up for these sites and you can always search them, or even set up alerts on your profile, to find deals on vacation stays, car rental and airfare discounts.  The deals are typically anywhere from 40% – 60% off the room rate.  Be advised that may of the deals do not include transportation to the destination (including ground transfers if you are flying to a location) and may not include meals or some other expenses.  Most of the deals include taxes, but some do not, so read the fine print.
  6. Sign up for loyalty programs.  Again, this is another free resource that you can use.  Even if you do not think that you will travel often, you should sign up for various airline, hotel and car rental loyalty programs.  Who knows when you will have to take a trip for work or find yourself needing to travel somewhere on short notice for an out-of-town emergency.  Although it may seem like it will take a long time to earn 25,000 miles for an airline, you will be surprised.  Often times you can get airline mileage for your travel, airline mileage for dining out and for renting a vehicle or staying at a particular hotel.  These activities add up.  Additionally, the airlines, hotels and car rental agencies routinely have double mile and double point opportunities for customers several times per year.
  • I can personally tell you that the Hilton Honors has a promotion which will give you instant elite status after only a few stays.  It is called the MVP program.  Basically you sign up for a hilton honors account, use the MVP code when booking your stays and after the minimum number of stays or nights have been completed, you will get gold status.  Gold status entitles you to additional perks such as late checkout, additional points, free breakfast, free upgrades (based upon availability), etc.  So check it out.

7.  Like your favorite travel vendor on facebook, if you so desire.  Often travel vendors will announce promotions on
social media.  This is your opportunity to rack up on more points or miles.


Bottom line.  Make your everyday activities work for you and pay for your next vacation.  Enjoy!!