Marching to a Different Beat

2014 was definitely a year for the record books.  This was the first year in the past three years that I was NOT on a plane and traveling to some fab locale every month.  Not that I didn’t want to do that– by now you all know I LOVE to travel.  But, unfortunately, this was a year that life threw me a few lemons and not only did I have to make lemonade, but I had to put on my big girl panties and sacrifice my love of travel for the greater good.  A few years ago, I would have DEFINITELY complained about this and been all “salt lake city.”  But, even those things that appear to be really bad, really aren’t.  Behind every dark cloud, there’s a silver lining.

So, for someone such as myself who loves to travel, and had a good chunk of their plans overcome by events, what could possibly be the silver lining behind this dark cloud?  Well, for starters, I completed my 50 X 50 bucket list this year.  Yep, I finally finished visiting all of the states in the US, with some time to spare before my 50th birthday.  What else?  I let go of some of my inhibitions, stripped down to a two-piece and paraded down the road in Trinidad with thousands of my close friends and masqueraders on Carnival tuesday.  Most people do not know it takes and act of congress and all the power of God for me to be seen in shorts out in public.  However, the amazing display of the colors (and the Hennessy) definitely helped get me over my fear (at that moment).

Is that all?  Of course not!  Although I have not reached my goal yet of working in the travel industry as a career, I actually took a former colleague on her FIRST trip out of the country.  How major was this?  MAJOR.  Since she didn’t have a clue of where to start, I actually coordinated all of the arrangements.  All she had to do was grab a passport port, purchase her plane ticket and pack her suitcase (oh, and pay part of the lodging fees).  I literally walked her through the process of checking in online, processing through customs and immigrations, taking public transportation in a foreign land and liming with the locals.  The smile on her face and excitement in her voice when we returned stateside were— PRICELESS.

Wow, that was great, right.  But wait, there’s more.  Perhaps the biggest highlight of the year was meeting some very FABULOUS people during my travels and establishing genuine friendships with individuals in at least four countries.  At least two individuals are after my own heart by sharing my love of travel.  So, although I didn’t travel as much and as often as I would love to, my trips were EPIC and my experiences will travel a lifetime with me.

I truly wish you all a very blessed, happy, adventurous and joyful new year’s eve and day and we will see where 2K15 takes me!  All the best!

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