Sick in Foreign Land

Never in all of my travels have I ever gotten ill.  I mean, I may have had the bubble guts from enjoying too much of a really great cuisine, but I have never been down in the dumps sick.  However, my last adventure definitely was a first in that category for me.  Before I departed for my time of one week in the sun, I carefully package my bags with aspirin, ear plugs, heating pads, soap, lotion and some Theraflu among other things.  However, at the last minute, I decided to take the Theraflu out.  After all, I was going to be in 90 degree weather.  There was NO way possible that I could ever get sick.  Right?

Well, I should have stuck to my guns and gone with my gut.  The worse that could have happen was that I bring the packs of Theraflu back to the states and save them for a stateside day.  But, I second guessed and that ended up being my downfall.  The rainbow part of this story is that I didn’t get sick until a day and a half before I left.  So, by that time, I had already basked in the sun, fêted until my heart could fête no more, eaten mounds of corn soup and doubles and drank until my liver cussed me in silence.

So, how was it that I ended up sick?  Well, unfortunately, when you are in close quarters with someone who is hacking and coughing, you may want to exit the room.  But, I stayed there to rest.  And next thing I know, my nose is running.  Then my throat is hurting.  Next I am coughing up a storm.  Now, on top of all of this, my voice was already shot from singing, laughing and screaming to the top of my lungs, so I sounded like Wolfman Jack and could barely speak.  This was actually an improvement because three days before I returned to the states, I could only whisper (the soca whisperer- LOL).

So, here we are.  Over a week later and I am still dealing with the remnants of germgate.  The weekend after my return, I could barely make it from the couch to my bedroom upstairs.  And, almost didn’t shower because I was so weak.  Orange juice, water, kleenex, Theraflu and zinc tablets have become my new besties this past week.  The amount of phlegm that I have coughed up, and the fact that I really don’t have an appetite, should have at least helped me shed 5lbs.  But, thanks to God, I am on the rebound.

No longer is my nose running like a broken faucet or the town gossiper, just a little drip here and there.  The green slime (phlegm) has pretty much dissipated and I was able to start consuming soup.  The aches and pains are one and I, prayerfully, will be 100% by the weekend.  However, I learned a valuable lesson.  Intuition is there for a reason.  Listen to it. I will not have to worry about being in close quarters with anyone for a lengthy stay again; however, that doesn’t guarantee that I will not run into someone’s germs along the way.

So from now on, I will pack cold and flu meds, no matter what the season… just in case.


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