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So, got the time off from your job.  Found a GREAT deal on a plane ticket to that sunny and sandy destination in the caribbean because it is low season.  And, are thinking about all of those lovely rum drinks you will have as soon as you land.  One problem.  You didn’t do your home and now you find that the available accommodations are slim pickings because many of the properties on the island are closed for repairs.  That’s right, even though low season is the time when many travels head to those nice warm destinations, it is also the time when some places take advantage of the decrease in visitors and decide to make renovations.  As such, that grand four star resort that you’ve had your eyes on for a while is not available until for a months.  So, you will need to find accommodations elsewhere.

To avoid this experience (and not that I’ve had it), it is advisable to do a little bit of homework during the planning phase.  This will not only save you the heartache of not staying in that posh resort that you’ve had your heart set on.

  1. Do not make any airline reservations until you know that your desired accommodations are available (unless you are buying a refundable ticket or just have money to burn).
  2. Contact the property where you desire to stay to verify that they will still be accepting reservations at the time of your planned visit.
  3. Visit the official website of the country that you intend to visit to see if any information about property closures is listed.
  4. Contact a local travel agent to find for more information as they are a great resource for information.  Of course you need to make it clear that you are just in the preliminary planning stages.

By all means, you want to do your homework before you make any advanced plans because the vacation you save will be your own.



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