Are you feeling run down?  Tired of the extended winter that has plagued the east coast for quite a time? Stressed out at work?  Wanna get away, but don’t have the vacation time to plan a trip to an exotic destination away?  Well, how about a “staycation”?  Some people may think this means you simply stay at home, watch old re-runs of your favorite show and eat bon bons.  But, staycations have evolved.  Staycations involve you traveling a short distance away from your current living area, but far enough to get away from the rat race and stress of the environment.

For not so much money and not a lot of planning you can take a weekend trip to a nearby town, stay in a really nice hotel and have great meals at awesome restaurants.  This allows you to recharge your batteries without the stress of planning a major vacation.  You can choose to visit the state beach (if you have a beach), spend the time at a spa, or checkout one of the local resorts.  It does not require a lot of effort to do a Google search for local attractions, parks, and resorts.

So, how do you start?  First, determine how long you wish to spend on your staycation.  Next, determine your budget?  If you need help trimming expenses, consider cashing in some of the point from hotel loyalty programs or your credit cards.  Need more ways to trim?  Look no further than sites like Groupon, Livingsocial, and Travelzoo.  Once you’ve nailed down your budget, determine what you would like to do on your staycation.  Finally, settle on a destination, make your reservation and GO!!

Life is too short to be stressed and not enjoy your time on earth.  While you may not have the time nor unlimited funds for your dream vacation (at this time), you can always allocate funds and make time for a staycation!




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