Whatever the Weather, Be Prepared

Unless you possess some unique God-like quality or you are the world’s most accurate meteorologist, weather can be one of THE most difficult things to predict.  Even when you research a 10 day forecast, that is just a guess based on a snapshot in time.  Some weather phenomenons are easier to predict that others depending on weather locations.

If you journey to parts of Mexico during the summer, you can pretty much guarantee that it will rain for at least 1 hour during the afternoon.  You can almost set your clock by this.  You can also count on the fact freezing temps will plague the Midwest from January – March without fail.  But, other areas and other times are not as easy to for one to predict in terms of weather.  So, what do you do?  How do you prepare so that your vacation is not ruined.

This is one time I would say apply the 80/20 rule for vacations.  If the weather at your destination is usually sunny with clear clouds, but there is a weather system which may pass through the area, make sure that the majority of your clothes are light weight and breezy and the rest are a little more durable and can accommodate colder temps or wetter weather.  Add some closed toe shoes, long pants, and longer sleeved shirts to your suitcase.  Best case scenario, you will be well-prepared for a change in the weather and will not have to shop for other clothing during your trip.  Worse case scenario, you will not need the other clothing and can use them as protective barriers for your souvenirs and gifts.

Bottom line, take a look at the weather before your depart, but put some “just in case” clothing in your suitcase as well.



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