Small Bills Only please

So, you go to the bank to withdraw some funds and the teller asks you how you want your money back.  Your first response is typically to say, “It doesn’t matter.”  Now, while you are rocking and rolling in the gold old usa, that probably is true, but if you plan to spend those greenbacks in a country that accepts american currency, you may want to break that C note down to a 20.

But why, you say to yourself.  Well, while stores and banks are well equipped to take your cash in any denomination in the states, most businesses that you may patronize outside of the country may not have the available funds to make change for that $100 bill that you gave them for the $1 soda.  Additionally, it is just bad form, especially if you are in a foreign country.  Kinda makes you seem like an arrogant foreigner.  Moreover, from a safety perspective, why would want to flash a wad of $100 bills?  Not unless you care to find out how the medical system functions in your new destination.

Bottom line, when it comes to bills bigger than $20 when you are traveling, just leave home without them.

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