It’s just the foodie in me- american version

A a very picky person who loves to travel, it is sometimes difficult for me to balance having a healthy meal while navigating through my finicky palate.  I can pretty much count the foods that I can and will eat on two hands.  Yes, I am just that picky (worse than a kid to be exact).  But, nonetheless, I manage to find a few good places to eat on my trips.  Although usually do not do this, I am choosing to share the names and geographical locations where I’ve managed to find “good eats.”

– La Rosa (Miami)

– Maggianos (Atlanta)
– Boneheads (Atlanta)
– Supreme Fish Delight (Atlanta)

– Grand Luxe Cafe (Chicago)

– Muriels (New Orleans)
– Burbon Heat (New Orleans)
– Willies Chicken Shack (New Orleans)

– Alisson’s Restaurant (Kennebunkport)

– Harris Crab House (Grasonville, MD)

South Carolina
– Captain Georges (Myrtle Beach)

– Pappadeaux (Houston)

– D’Egg (Norfolk)


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