Peanuts, Pretzels, or Cookies

Off the top, why does it have to be a choice?  Why can’t I “opt-in” for all three?  Why is it that the flight attendants look at me crazy when I politely ask for 2 cookies?  I said “please” and “may I”?  I mean dang, is it really going to take a few ticks off your life clock to give me extra cookies?  Yes, I live in the states, but I do not have entitlement issues— that’s impossible since I am a woman.  I am just using the basic airline math skills to justify my request.  The guy in 10C is asleep.  The woman in 8B is also sleeping and a whole row of people in front of me just declined snacks.  So by my calculations, there should be at least one extra cookie available.  Seriously, did the airline use the flight attendant’s salary as a baseline for allocating the cookie budget?

I realize there are reasons for everything and maybe there is an uber short supply of snacks on the flight, but if you don’t have many cookies available to give extras, just say so.  I WILL understand.  To be truthful, the cookies are the primary reason why I fly with this particular carrier.  Let’s be honest, when comparing fares, they are not exactly the most economical.  The carrier has changed the terms of their loyalty program to favor business travelers more than your average consumer.  To add insult to injury, the seats on the planes have shrunk while baggage fees and other services have increased.  So, while having extra cookies may seem like small potatoes to one person, it is a big deal to me.

Hopefully the next time the flight attendant comes by asking if I want peanuts, pretzels, and cookies and I ask for two, I will receive a smile and my two packs of cookies without the deep sighs or other issues.  After all, that extra $30 more that I am paying in fare to an airline that has no loyalty to its regular customers has to be worth something.