These are a few of my favorite sites

As I’ve traveled around the world and within the US, I’ve come to develop a very short list of go-to sites that I use faithfully to check airfares, share information, get the latest deals for parking, lodging and food services while away.  Although there are a few other sites that I’ve used in the past, they didn’t necessarily make the cut this time around.  Please note that I am, in no way, being compensated for referencing the sites below.  However, when you find a good thing, I think it is a GREAT things to spread the word and share with other individuals who have similar travel tastes.


  1. VRBO
    – Life was just a series of hotel rooms and resorts until VRBO came into my life.  Now, I have options and am saving a ton of money on travel accommodations.  What I love about VRBO housing is that I have NEVER had a problem when booking a unit.  Most of them provide a lot of space and I do not have to worry about my safety when staying in someone’s home or rental unit.  All of the locations where I have stayed provide me with the basics- a full kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.  Bonus options have included a pool, free wi-fi, walk-in closet space and beach access.
    – Use this site to find “hidden city” deals.  For instance, you want to fly from Washington, DC to Atlanta; however, the fare is $250.  But, you can book a ticket flying from Washington, DC to Miami for $150 and there is a stop in Atlanta.  As long as you are “team carry-on”, you may be able to take advantage of this saving.  Please note that you do not want to do this too often, or with the same carrier.  You also do not want to include your frequent flyer number on your reservation.
  3. Skyscanner
    – I use this site when I have some free time and want to know where I can go within a particular travel period.  Not only is the site intuitive enough to show me fares to my chosen destination from most major airports (not just my preferred airport), but I can also search using a date range and determine if I want to be flexible with my travel dates and save even more money.  It should be noted that the site is a snapshot in time and that airfares change quickly.  So, you may have to do some other research to verify that the fare you see is still available.
    – So, what can I say about this site?  The blogger pours her heart and soul into her work and it is filled with lots of great tips and information.  Perhaps the most important aspect of the site is that her reviews are totally unbiased (except for the fact that she LOVES all things caribbean).  She is not receiving compensation from any sponsors, so the reviews are based solely on her experiences as a solo traveler and one who believes that the world is her classroom and that she is a citizen of the world.
    – It was by chance that I had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Mr. Darnley Daniel during a recent trip to Turks and Caicos.  Although I would love to see a bit more content on his site, I will say that it does not do justice to his professionalism and dedication to giving visitors a VERY enjoyable experience.  Mr. Daniel is very knowledgeable and doesn’t just tell visitors what they want to hear to get their money, he backs it up through his actions.  I had the pleasure of utilizing his services and must say that the experience left me breathless, highly satisfied and definitely wanting more.  Although I wasn’t planning a return visit, I may just have to give Turks another spin, just so I can take advantage of some his other services.
  6. Groupon/Livingsocial/Travelzoo
    – So, for some people this may be a no-brainer, but for others, it may be a site that is often overlooked.  As previously mentioned, I recently visited Turks and Caicos and chose to stay in a VRBO unit vice a resort (I am just not a big resort fan).  Anyone who has been to the island is well aware that it is pretty pricey; however, there was a deal on the one of the discount sites that offered a stay at one of the island’s premium resorts for over 60% off.  This was the first time that I’ve actually seen a deal for Turks and Caicos, but there have been plenty for resorts in Jamaica, Belize, and St. Maartin/St. Martin.


As I mentioned, these are just a few of my favorite sites that I use routinely.  I highly recommend you check them out and see if they could possibly be of use to you.


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