Favorite Island as of 4 January 2017

So… those who know me are well aware that I am slowly, but surely working through my travel bucket lists.  I completed my first one a couple of years ago when I visited all 50 states.  Now I am working through the second to visit all of the islands in the caribbean.  2016, despite the many personal and professional challenges, was a banner year for me in terms of travel.  I had the pleasure of experiencing 12 new caribbean cultures, enjoying the local cuisine, participating in two carnivals, bringing back suitcases filled with treasures, and adding to my lifetime of travel memories.  Who could imagine that the last island that I visited for 2016 would have topped the list as my favorite?  This was truly a shock to me given the fact that I tend not to have great experiences with islands that have a certain “affiliation”.

I swear, when I was developing my rankings, my heart was in turmoil.  I felt that I was betraying my true love and favorite island of 2016, in favor of this one, but everything about it felt like home.  I was at peace and didn’t feel like a tourist at all and took to it like a fish to water.  So, to take away the suspense, the current ranking of favorite islands is provided below.  A detailed post about my trip to the newest member to the club follow later this week.  Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


27. Dominican Republic
26. Puerto Rico
25. St. Barthelemy
24. Saba
23. Turks and Caicos
22. Cayman Islands
21. Curaçao
20. St. Eustatius
19. Bonaire
18. Aruba
17. Bahamas
16. Bermuda
15. Anguilla
14. Martinique
13. Dominica
12. Trinidad and Tobago
11. British Virgin Islands
10. St. Lucia
9. United States Virgin Islands
8. Guadeloupe
7. Antigua & Barbuda
6. Barbados
5. Jamaica (but still #1 in my heart)
4. Grenada
3. St. Maarten/St. Martin
2. Belize

And coming in at number 1…… St. Kitts & Nevis


* List is based upon the destinations found on Caribbean Travel


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