Favorite Islands as of 16 January 2017

As I inch closer and closer to the completion of yet another bucket list, I have decided to update  my favorite island listing after each remaining island is visited.  At this point, based on the list* that I following to accomplish this goal, there are only six (6) more islands remaining for me to visit.  I am hoping to visit the at least five of the remaining islands, by the close of this year (God willing).  The updated current ranking was based upon my most recent trip of which the specific details of that adventure will be captured in another post.


28. Dominican Republic
27. Puerto Rico
26. St. Barthelemy
25. Saba
24. Turks and Caicos
23. Cayman Islands
22. Curaçao
21. St. Eustatius
20. Bonaire
19. Aruba
18. Bahamas
17. Bermuda
16. Anguilla
15. Martinique
14. Dominica
13. Trinidad and Tobago
12. British Virgin Islands
11. St. Lucia
10. United States Virgin Islands
9. Guadeloupe
8. Cuba **
7. Antigua & Barbuda
6. Barbados
5. Jamaica (but still #1 in my heart)
4. Grenada
3. St. Maarten/St. Martin
2. Belize

And still sitting in the number 1 spot…… St. Kitts & Nevis


* List is based upon the destinations found on Caribbean Travel
** Latest entry

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