Modesty While Aboard…Even in Warm Climates

For those of us who live in cold climates, we just love to make a quick escape to warmer weather and temperatures and journey to places we long to visit.  Although warmer temps typically allow one to shed the coats, long pants and exchange boots for flip-flops, it is important to remember there are limits to everything.  Being aware of your environment can save you from embarrassment, harassment, and possible punishment (physical or financial).

You may be asking yourself, “hmmm, if it is 100 degrees in my target country, why wouldn’t I wear my spaghetti strap maxi dress with the plunging neckline?”  Well, it depends on where you are traveling.  While that type of attire may be appropriate in Grenada or Jamaica, it is definitely not appropriate in a place like Dubai.  Same heat, different culture and you must adapt to that culture.  It does not mean that you have to walk around mummified from head-to-toe, but you must blend in and be respectful.

So, what about those people who are visiting the beach.  It is perfectly fine to wear swimwear in town, while you are on your way to the beach, right?  Um wrong.  Although you may be vacationing in a beach town and within walking distance to the beach, it is highly advisable to cover up.  By cover up, I do not mean wear a sheer cover up while walking around town.  I mean, wearing a top and bottom over your swimwear.  Once again, please be mindful of your environment.  While a pair of booty shorts over your swim shorts will not cause anyone’s eyes to blink in Miami (FL), you would cause heads to turn and older women to clutch the pearls in North Yorkshire (UK).

Many museums, restaurants, and other locations abroad enforce strict dress codes at their establishments.  So it is advisable for one to research the cultural norms and dress standards before purchasing the plane ticket for your next destination.  As a woman, when preparing for a trip, it is advisable to always pack a sweater, scarf, wrap, and long sleeve shirt, if you are visiting a destination where you need to be a bit sensitive to the dress standard.


So, what is the bottom line.  Although the temperature may tempt you to wear skimpy clothing while abroad, always be considerate of your new environment and mind your wardrobe.  The inconvenience of hiding “the girls” for a week pales in comparison to wearing stripes.

Traveling to the New America

Unless you have been under a rock, stuck on some remote island with no communication devices or contact with other people, or do not have a television, computer, or access to print media, you know that there has been significant shift in the state of affairs within the united states.  Most notably is the travel band that was imposed by 45.  Now, I know some individuals will read this and immediately say, “oh another whining, crying democrat!”  Well, guess what?  I am Not whining and crying and I am NOT a democrat.  I am an independent thinker who is a humanist.  But, before all of that, I am a christian.

My friends and family expand the horizon with respect to race, creed, religion and every other box that one could check.  Therefore, you could imagine my sheer frustration, embarrassment, and disgust when this “selective” Muslim ban was instituted— the first time.  Now, a second version of the ban has been implemented and it is no different from the first.  While some people try to mix words and use colorful jargon to say that this is “not really a ban”, it is indeed so.  Any time you prohibit, bar, or deny someone access to something or some place, that falls into the category of a ban.  The chief motivating for the ban was touted as a method of protecting americans and keeping the states safe.  Of course an educated person can figure out that couldn’t be farther from the truth at all.

So, what is it that I can offer people, of Muslim faith, who journey to this country where some people have forgotten from whence they’ve come.  First thing, not all individuals who live in this country are in agreement with this atrocity of a mandate wrapped in hate.  Second, I know it may not seem like it now, but this too shall pass.  Trouble doesn’t last always and hate cannot stand in the presence of God’s love.  Third, and perhaps this should have been first, YOU. ARE. WELCOME. HERE.  EVERYONE in this country, unless you are an ancestor of the indians who were here first, the true inhabitants, is an immigrant.

So, while this post was not necessary one of my normal travel posts, I felt that I should use my platform to spread peace and love when ignorance and hatred receives way too much media attention.