April 2017 – Favorite Caribbean Island List

The favorite caribbean island list has been updated once again and I slowly marking off the second bucket list.  There are only five more islands left to visit, based on the list* that I am following.  With each new visit, I learn more and more about myself and learn to appreciate the many, many blessings that I have in my life.  As I have always said, you learn more traveling than you can learn in the a classroom.  God willing, I will achieve island number 30 before the month of June ends.

29. Dominican Republic
28. Puerto Rico
27. St. Barthelemy
26. Saba
25. Turks and Caicos
24. Cayman Islands
23. Curaçao
22. St. Eustatius
21. Bonaire
20. Aruba
19. Bahamas
18. Bermuda
17. Anguilla
16. Martinique
15. Dominica
14. Trinidad and Tobago
13. British Virgin Islands
12. St. Lucia
11. United States Virgin Islands
10. Guadeloupe
9. Cuba
8. Antigua & Barbuda
7. Barbados
6. Jamaica (but still #1 in my heart)
5. Grenada
4. St. Maarten/St. Martin
3. Belize
2. St. Kitts & Nevis

And still sitting in the number 1 spot…… St. Vincent & The Grenadines**


* List is based upon the destinations found on Caribbean Travel
** Latest entry

Dinner is Served

One of the benefits of being a traveler is being exposed to the local cuisine and finding the hidden gems in the places that I visit.  Although I am NOT a foodie and have a rather particular palate that is worse that a child, I do enjoy pasta, some seafood, and of course carbs (yeah, my inner fat gyal just said that).  I have visited all 50 states and had the pleasure of sampling the dishes of many restaurants and eateries; however, the places listed are the most memorable and often pop up on my repeat offenders list.  Enjoy and feel free to share you favorite dining spots as I am always looking for recommendations.


  • Big Fish
    South Main Street in Grapevine, TX
    – Really good bang for your buck
  • Kingston 30
    North Brown Road in Lawrenceville, GA
    – The rice and peas… lawd ah mercy
  • Allison’s Restaurant
    Dock Sq in Kennebunkport, ME
    – Good Lobster
  • Supreme Fish Delight
    Camp Creek Parkway in Atlanta, GA
    – Great bang for your buck and the fried okra is heavenly
  • Captain Georges
    Richmond Road in Williamsburg, VA
    – All you can eat seafood buffet for less than $30.  Where can you go wrong?
  • Pappadeux (Colorado and TX locations)
    – The crawfish étoufée… making me drool now.  A bit pricey, but worth the money.
  • Coops Place
    Decatur Street in New Orleans, LA (French Quarter)
    – Be forewarned, this place looks like a dirty biker bar.  But when you order the food and let it touch your tongue, you WILL order seconds to go— and those seconds may not make it out the door.
  • Bourbon Heat
    Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA (French Quarter)
    – The fish and crawfish is divine and the service is A+
  • La Rosa
    LeJeune Road in Coral Gables, FL
    – Great mojitos and a salmon dish that is like 8 feet long.  Okay, not 8 feet, but a good 6 inches.
  • Natures Bistro
    Terminal E of the Atlanta-Hartfield International Airport
    -I will miss a flight for their vegetarian chili.