Favorite Caribbean Destinations – July 2017

So, if you will notice, I had to tweak the title of my latest rankings a bit.  Not every place in the caribbean is an island and, since I am using a specific list, I definitely have to reflect that fact.  So during July 2017,  I took my obligatory birthday trip to a destination in the sun.  The only unfortunate thing with this trip is that there was no beach time, so I had to settle for the hotel pool at one of the destinations.  As of 8 July 2017, I only have two more destinations (actual islands) remaining to complete my second bucket list.  The destinations that I am following are based on the list found on the caribbeantravel.com website*.  God willing, I will complete one more destination by end of 2017.

32. Dominican Republic
31. Puerto Rico
30. St. Barthelemy
29. Saba
28. Guyana**
27. Suriname**
26. Turks and Caicos
25. Cayman Islands
24. Curaçao
23. St. Eustatius
22. Bonaire
21. Aruba
20. Bahamas
19. Bermuda
18. Haiti**
17. Anguilla
16. Martinique
15. Dominica
14. Trinidad and Tobago
13. British Virgin Islands
12. St. Lucia
11. United States Virgin Islands
10. Guadeloupe
9. Cuba
8. Antigua & Barbuda
7. Barbados
6. Jamaica (but still #1 in my heart)
5. Grenada
4. St. Maarten/St. Martin
3. Belize
2. St. Kitts & Nevis

And still sitting in the number 1 spot…… St. Vincent & The Grenadines


* List is based upon the destinations found on Caribbean Travel
** Latest entry