Get Paid for Your Flexibility

So for those of us who fly frequently, whether it is on our dime or someone else’s, we know the cost of air travel and those costs can add up.  If you are traveling for business, cost may not be a concern for you, but when you are paying out of your pocket, you want to save as much as possible.  But could it be possible that you are passing up free money to use for your travels?  Maybe!

We have all been sitting in the departure lounge and hear that announcement that the flight is overbooked and they are looking for volunteers to give up their seat in exchange for some form of compensation.  Well, if your plans are flexible and you will not miss any connecting flights, it may be worth it to consider giving up your seat.  Granted you may not luck out like the United passenger who snagged a $10,000 voucher, you may definitely end up with a few hundred dollar voucher.

Although I am not sure what other airlines are doing, Delta definitely has a good offer.  Long gone are the days when you just get a $200, $400, $600 (or more) voucher for a flight, they now provide you with a choice of gift cards from which you can select.  Of course Delta is included on the listing, but also included are Macy’s, Target, and approximately five other retailers.  If you are loyal to Delta, it would make sense to select the Delta gift card; however, if you have other priorities or maybe want to spend on lodging, home goods, or clothing, it would make sense to select one of the other options.

Thus far I have  only scored one gift card; however, I hoping that there will be more oversold flights in my future so that I can fund my summer and winter travels.  Although I may have to adjust my plans my two hours, it is a small trade-off for snagging an $874 ticket to Cape Town, South Africa for only $374.  Can’t beat that at all.  So, the next time you hear that announcement and have some flexibility in your travels, consider volunteering your seat… unless we are on the same flight.  Then you can just let me get first dibs (I joke… or not)!


Happy Traveling.

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