Reliable Airport Parking

It is an extremely rare moment that I endorse anything or even mention the names of the various services I utilize.  Part of that is because I always believe in letting individuals do their own research (not like I influence a million people) and make the decision that works best for them.  The other reason is… well, it is not like I am being sponsored to do so.  But, this is the one time that I have decided to highlight one of the services that I use quite frequently and have come to really appreciate.  Although they have locations at most airports in the states, I can only vouch for the location that I frequent.  But, I hope the service is consistent everywhere.

The service that I am referencing is The Parking Spot.  This is an off-site parking location that where you have the option to reserve a spot in advance or be assigned a spot upon arrival.  Other than convenience, there really is no major advantage to reserving a spot in advance.  However, what I love is the fact that they have a frequent parking program.  So what, doesn’t everyone?  I know that is what you are saying.  Well, they are pretty generous for providing free days and discounts  for parking.  Moreover, the employees that work there are quite honest.  A couple of weeks ago I parked at the location and used my corporate credit card, the cashier asked if I worked for that company and let me know that we received a 25% discount just for mentioning the name.  Who else would do that?

As if honest employees aren’t enough, let us talk about the actual service.  Unlike some other parking services that I have used where I had to walk to a shelter and wait for quite a while for the shuttle, as soon as you park and turn off your ignition, you can bet that I shuttle is not far away.  The shuttles have been so prompt and responsive to come pick me up on occasions that I have literally told he shuttle driver to pass by me and send the next shuttle.  Not waiting for a long time is excellent for those who are notoriously late (I am not one of those people, but this would definitely help ensure they do not miss their flights waiting on a shuttle).  Door-to-door service is invaluable.

In addition to great rates, discounts, and door-to-door service, The Parking Spot goes one extra step above.  You are offered a free bottle of cold water when departing the lot.  It may not seem like much, but at the end of a long day, a nice cold bottle of water can go a long way.


Bottom line, I have had a very good experience using this service and look forward to many more years of patronage.


Happy traveling!

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