What My Visit to Haiti Taught Me

As a traveler, I do not fancy myself on visiting remote destinations for the benefit of touring the country.  My desire is to truly immerse myself in the culture and to learn as much about the culture as a possibly can.  That typically has been the case for all of my trips.  However, my recent visit to Haiti taught me so much more than I expected.  I dispelled a few myths, I experienced the joy, beauty and grace of a country abandoned, and I learned more about myself in five days than in five years.  Below are the top 10 things that Haiti taught me (in no particular order).

  1. Truly, only the strong survive.
  2. Laugh, love, live, and learn to smile.
  3. Not everyone will see your beauty, but God and small children will.  There is no need to conform to anyone else’s standard of beauty.
  4. If you have access to clean water, you are more blessed than you will ever know.
  5. If you have access to free education, you are indeed blessed.
  6. Education is a privilege, not a right.  Never take it for granted.
  7. Beauty is not physical nor is it tangible.  It is spiritual.
  8. Surrendering to God’s will yield benefits that exceed your wildest imagination.
  9. Those who have the least know sometimes know the most.
  10. Do not stop climbing the mountain because it seems to high; the view from the top is amazing and is worth the climb.  Sometimes you have to face your fears head on, don’t quit.