Aaah…. Anguilla

As mentioned in a previous post, my 2016 birthday adventures were spent primarily on the beautiful, friendly dual-nationality island of St. Marteen/St. Martin.  However, I did take the opportunity visit two neighboring islands in an effort to complete my 2nd bucket list of visiting all the islands in the caribbean.  So, thanks to high tides on the dutch side and a cancelled trip to Saba, I quickly hopped on a local bus bound for Marigot on the french side of the island where I caught a ferry to Anguilla.

The round-trip ferry to Anguilla only cost  $54 and the ride takes approximately 45 minutes each way.  Since this was a last-minute trip, I made it to the ferry just in time to catch it prior to departure.  However, the downside was the fact that I had a seat on the outside of the ferry and felt the effects of the waves and water as the boat picked up speed crossing the ocean.  The good thing is that I was prepared to get wet and did not have any unprotected electronics on me that were subject to the elements.  After a bumpy ride across the ocean we arrived at the Blowing Point terminal in Anguilla where we processed through immigration and went on our merry way.

I really didn’t have a set itinerary other than to go to “The Valley” and look around and just enjoy the sun and beach.  So, I set out on foot (yes on foot) to head to The Valley which is like a five minute walk away from the dock.  The first thing I notice is that there are goat gangs.  yes, you read that correctly, goat gangs.  Just groups of goats roaming the streets.  So, I continued on my journey and was approximately 2.5 miles into journey when a couple pulled over to the side and urged me to get in the car because it was waaaaaay to hot to be outside.  I got a chuckle out of that because I LOVE the sun and I do not live in an area where there is a lot of it; however, they live in this island paradise and can’t stand the heat.  I accepted the ride and we were off to The Valley– almost.

The wife felt that The Valley would not give me with true and authentic experience and thought I should visit Shoal Beach.  She said if I didn’t like it, they would take me back to The Valley.  Making a long story short, I ended up spending over 8 hours at the very gorgeous Shoal beach with the beautiful crystal blue water.  I have never seen water so gorgeous and I’ve visited a lot of beaches.  There was a beach side restaurant called Madeariman where the bartender, Jeannette, made me a lovely drink named “Skinny Dip.”  I had a great fish and chips sandwich, another skinny dip, and two or three rum punch (can’t remember as the liquor conquer meh- LOL).

I enjoyed great conversation with the chef (Francois) and the restaurant waiter (Kendon).  We laughed, we go to know each other and I found out that, though separated by water, we have a lot of things in common.  I took the opportunity to take a few photos and videos of the gorgeous beach and water so that I can have some awesome displays of this beautiful, tiny island.  However, the day was quickly slipping away and I had to make sure that I made it to the dock before the last ferry left at 6p.m.  My plan was to leave around 4:30p.m. to have enough time to get my souvenir shot glass, some ginger ale to settle my stomach and help me get over this rum induced high.  Unfortunately my new found friends had other plans and conveniently did not call a cab for me until 30 minutes before the last ferry left.

After the 45 minute return trip to Marigot, I stagger myself to the bus stop and return to my humble abode in Simpson Bay.  One more country down and great memories made.  What else can you ask for?